About New Tourists

When our son was born in 2013, our lives and plans changed beyond all recognition. What’s a lie in? What does hot tea taste like again? If you’ve got kids, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

However despite all the change and upheaval, the one thing that we didn’t want to compromise on was our desire to travel.

We’ve always enjoyed planning and taking trips around the world and our most memorable experiences together have come through travelling. Like any family, we wanted to create new experiences with our child and part of that would be to take him away to places and experience new things.

However it’s fair to say that we were shockingly under-prepared for travelling with a +1. And particularly an unpredictable +1.

Our first trip, when he was five months old and on a Mark Warner package holiday to Greece, was designed to test the water (literally). It’s fair to say that we learned A LOT.

It was the ideal first trip as a family because the chartered British Airways plane was full of families and children and it eased our self consciousness and fears of dealing with a mid-air meltdown moment. 

Ultimately, this gave us the confidence to venture further and more often. Since that holiday back in late September 2013, we’ve been away on planes, trains, boats and cars as far as Australia and as cold as Lapland.

New Tourists is our opportunity to share what we’ve learned when taking our very own new tourist on trips away.

We include tips picked up from experienced travellers, mistakes we’ve made and some of the things that have made travelling with a child more bearable. We also write about the places we’ve been and the destinations that we would recommend to visit, or avoid, if you’ve got a small person in tow.

If you’ve got any suggestions, tips or ideas, please get in touch with us – we’d love to hear from you.

Please note that all photography used on this site is our own.